Preparing for a new CEO that delivers

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CEO search
and succession

The transition to a new CEO is one of your Board’s most important tasks. In an increasingly complex, challenging, global and fast business environment, finding the right leader has never been more critical for your organisation’s performance and longevity in today’s competitive market.


Partnering with Boards

We assist your Boards to proactively engage in an ongoing program of CEO succession planning. We have previously worked side-by-side with organisations and conducted over 100 assignments to calibrate and develop a clear and practical plan that successfully delivers on your Boards most important decision.
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To ensure ongoing success

But placing the right CEO is only half the job. Crucial to the success of CEO succession is an ongoing program of consultation and calibration that clears the path for a smooth and uneventful transition. We work alongside our placements to provide insights and perspectives that aid in their effectiveness and impact.


The “Trusted Employee” Syndrome

It's not just the elite few with access that pose risks to organisations.

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