Board advisory

Building highly effective and future ready boards

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Change starts from the very top

Your Board is under significant pressure to navigate through an ever-growing list of challenges and obligations competently and responsibly, to ensure that future ready systems and technologies are in place that leverage opportunities and meet upcoming risk. Savvy Boards provide sound guidance that ensures the organisation achieves its mission.

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We partner with owners to share the future growth of boards, to benchmark the status quo and develop world class capability that allows your board to satisfy your corporate governance, risk management, and compliance requirements.


Board assessment

Valuable top-line diagnostics of existing corporate governance, risk management, and compliance capability. We have a holistic library of over 2000 products in the form of policies and procedures, templates, tools and guidance resources designed to build the boards effectiveness and future readiness.
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Board consulting

One-on-one strategy sessions with Boards and individual Directors designed to provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment of your Board and Director capabilities, performance and culture, with clear recommendations, plans, and tools designed to bring world-class competence.
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Board insights


Optus is a wake-up call – How prepared is your organisation?

It’s naïve to believe that the hacker behind the Optus data breach says it has deleted its only copy of customers' information and it no longer cares about a ransom.

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Managing Cyber Risks and Insider Threats

Cyber security and insider threats come in many forms.

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The Boards role in setting the tone for Culture

Progressive organisations have put a lot of thought into culture.

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